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Vascular Plants of Arizona (VPA) Project

Arizona is a floristically rich state with perhaps as many as 3900 species of vascular plants. Over the last 60 years an average of ca. 12 new species records have been reported annually. The first manuals for identifying the plants of the state were Flora of Arizona and New Mexico by Tidestrom & Kittle (1941) and Flowering Plants and Ferns of Arizona by Kearney and Peebles (1942). When the latter, a government publication, was no longer available, the authors revised their book, and the University of California Press republished it under the title of Arizona Flora in 1951. A second edition appeared in 1960 with a supplement provided by J.T. Howell, Elizabeth McClintock, and collaborators. These were followed by A Catalogue of the Flora of Arizona, a checklist of Arizona plants by J. Harry Lehr (1978), and two supplements to the catalogue were later published by Lehr and Pinkava (1980 and 1982).

Since the latest manual is more than fifty years out-of-date and has no species descriptions, there is an urgent need for a new manual. In 1987, the botanists at the herbarium of Arizona State University and The University of Arizona formed an editorial committee with the intent of producing a new book - Vascular Plants of Arizona. Help was solicited from authorities in various taxonomic groups, and approximately 100 specialists were enrolled to contribute to the project. It soon became clear that obtaining completed manuscripts from all authors would take many years. Thus, in 1992 the Editorial Board began publishing completed treatments in the Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science (JANAS), and seven issues, which included species descriptions, maps, and illustrations, were published in that journal. In 2005, with the initiation of a new Arizona journal, VPA treatments began to be published in Canotia. Several VPA treatments published in JANAS and all of those published in Canotia are available to all online here.

How to Cite Vascular Plants of Arizona Project
Treatments for the Vascular Plants of Arizona Project can be cited collectively as follows:
VASCULAR PLANTS OF ARIZONA EDITORIAL COMMITTEE. 1992+. Vascular Plants of Arizona. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science and Canotia (all contributions are available at vpa_project.html).
Individual treatments of vascular plant families can be cited according to the journal in which they appeared. For example as:
CHIANG, F. and L. R. LANDRUM. 2009. Vascular Plants of Arizona: Solanaceae Part Three: Lycium. Canotia 5(1): 17-26.
HABER, E. 1992. Vascular Plants of Arizona: Monotropaceae; Indian pipe family. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science 26(1): 15-6.

Index to the Families Treated for the Vascular Plants of Arizona

Those treatments followed by a citation have been published in volumes 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, and 35 of JANAS or in subsequent volumes of Canotia, those that lack citations have not yet been treated, and those that are available online as PDF files are linked here. Figure numbers refer to illustrations for the "Key to Families of Vascular Plants in Arizona" published in JANAS 35(2).