CANOTIA: An Arizona journal publishing botanical and mycological papers
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ISSN: 1931-3616

Volume 8, issue 1

  • Cover
  • Checklist of Vascular Plants of Organ Pipe Cactus National
          Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge,
          and Tinajas Altas, Arizona
          by Richard Felger, Susan Rutman, Thomas Van Devender, and
          Steven Buckley

  • Volume 8, issue 2

  • Cover
  • Vascular Plants of Arizona: Lentibulariaceae
  •       by BarryRice
  • Thirty New Localities for Eriogonum jonesii
  •       by Teague M. Embrey, Joslyn Curtis, Shannon E. Henke,
          Karin J. Edwards, Kathryn A. Prengaman, Sarah M. Schmid,
          and Scott R. Abella
  • New Records for the Flora of Arizona
  •       Brassicaceae by Michelle Caisse
          Malvaceae by Sarah Hunkins and Kevin Smith
  • A New Plant Mapping Program for Arizona
  •       by Daryl L. Lafferty and Leslie R. Landrum
  • Charles Mason (1918-2012), Curator Emeritus of the University
          Herbarium Remembered